From personal experience, I understand the challenges that can be faced when sometimes the impossible is what you seem to be faced with. As your personal fitness trainer in Exmoor and North Devon, my aim is to install lifestyle change over a steady period: better for your health and body than yoyo dieting and crash courses. This process also serves to provide a more sustainable change in creating you, a fitter and healthier individual.

Following a lifelong love of sport, I trained in sports science which I took into youth work, co-ordinating to youth sports programs.

My personal battle began with a car crash that put an end to my participation in competitive sport, in fact, any exercise at all other than physiotherapy exercises. Missing the positive feelings triggered by exercise, along with the weight I gained through inactivity, ultimately led to depression. I left the youth service and decided it was time to make some changes to my life.

Slowly through lifestyle change, exercise and diet management I set about losing seven stone. Along the way, I trained with lots of individuals. The support I found from training with others made me realise once more my passion, and how I can combine my fitness coaching and counselling training in one as a personal fitness trainer.

I look forward to seeing you at Lynton & Lynmouth's very own gym and fitness studio.  Rest assured I will be with you for every punch, lift and step of the way as you undertake your transformation.

'Making good friends and having a laugh along the way'

I was 40, overweight and unfit; time to do something. So, in January 2014 I contacted Jonny at Bowden Fitness and the task began at the gym in Lynton. Back then I couldn't even run 20 meters. Six months later I ran 5K for the Race of Life. In March 2015 I joined the Boxercise class in the gym, I'm about to finish three sets of ten weeks and I'm ready for my fourth set. Making new friends and having a laugh along the way, in just over eighteen months I am three stone lighter (Yipee!). In July 2015 I ran 10K for the race of life in 1 hour and 15 minutes. 



Three years ago we were two over 50's who used to huff and puff up the stairs. We now train with Jonny twice a week at the Gym in Lynton, and it has changed our outlook on life. My husband had high blood pressure, which is now normal; I have run the Doone Run, a half marathon and have just won a place for the London Marathon 2016. We never imagined getting fit could be such fun, we have a laugh every training session, even though it starts at 06.30 a.m. We refer to it as our therapy!

Michele & Gary